Purism at its best! The embodiment of outstanding and clean design invites you to a luxury bath. Enjoy the minimalism and purism of this new curved design!
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SlikaFali 1800 x 850 x 600 mm (L x W x H)
Technical data for Cosy

Dimension: 1800 x 850 x 600 mm (L x W x H)

Colour: white (see more colours)

Packaging: Solid carton box, max. 3 units per palet

Tara: 10kg for each carton box 15kg for one wooden pallet

Floorfix system: Delivered with floor drilling template & mounting instructions.

Bath waste kit: Factory fitted Slot over flow system or Click-Clack system, in chrome finish

Code Bath Version: 0100-279

Code Spa Version: 0200-279

Weight: 51kg

Volume: 245 litres

Download Installation Instructions

Upgrade options for Cosy

Colour Option

Solid Colour
Avalible in many colors of your choice, upon request
Gold-Leaf Finish
Also available in our Gold-Leaf finish
Available in any two colours your choice, inside and outside.
Silver-leaf Finish
Available on our Silver-leaf finish.

Upgrade to Aqua Spa

Wellness Pure
  • 24 ultra-flat air nozzles
  • Remote control
  • Automatic drying system
  • Ozone therapy
Wellness Premium
  • Ozone therapy
  • 24 ultra-flat air nozzles
  • Automatic drying system
  • 20 mini LED light chain or 2 power LED
  • Remote control
Wellness Deluxe
  • 24 ultra flat air nozzles
  • 20 mini LED light chain or 2 power LED
  • Bluetooth soundsystem with 2 loudspeakers.
  • Ozone therapy
  • Automatic drying system
  • Remote control

Overflow Option

Slot overflow
  • Integrated slot overflow with Click-Clack waste; Factory fitted Click-Clack waste kit with p-trap and flexible hose chrome finish.
Bath filler
  • Round overflow with integrated bath filler and click-clack waste.
Click-Clack overflow
  • Integrated round, fixed overflow with Click-Clack system; Factory fitted Click-Clack waste kit with p-trap and flexible hose, chrome finish.
  • Optionally also available with pop-up waste kit.

Aqua Spa built-in Features and Benefits

Whisper Air Nozzles

Listen to the silence! With the calmness of our Aqua Spa® system the only recognizable noise is the whisper of soft sparkling water. Lay down and relax, enjoying a pearling massage while reading a book without disturbing noise and extruding water. 24 ultra flat and ergonomically adjusted whisper air jets grant you a maximum bathing comfort.


It is said that colour has an impact on the human body and soul and can optimize your energy level. Aqua Spa® wellness bathtubs equipped with ambience light will increase your bathing enjoyment and convert your bathroom into an atmospheric space. Our 20 mini LED light-chain with 10 changing colour modes of white, purple, blue, light blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, red and pink will enhance your senses to a maximum experience of luxury relaxing comfort.


“Without music, life would be an error“ (Friedrich Nietzsche). Enjoy your own music composition or your favorite radio station using the integrated sound system. The set also consists of 2 integrated not visible loudspeakers which give you a perfect sound experience. Having your music device connected via Bluetooth you can choose your own program via remote control.

Ozone therapy

Switch on the integrated Ozone blower! Like this the air escaping from the nozzles is mixed with Ozone. With this function the quality of your bathwater is enhanced due the antibacterial and disinfecting effect of Ozone. Moreover the skin is enriched with oxygen and the blood circulation is stimulated. This option is automatically activated starting the system. Via remote control this option can be switched off and on.

Automatic Drying

To dry the air nozzles from remnant water and to avoid bacteria and off odors our Aqua Spa® wellness bathtubs are equipped with an automatic drying system. 15 minutes after emptying the tub this function switches on automatically and runs for 2 minutes. This ensures you a unproblematic, long lasting pleasure in using your Aqua Spa® bathtub. The drying system may be also started manually by remote control.


Easy to care! Due to our automatic drying system no additional disinfection of the nozzles is necessary. Eventually into the nozzles entering water is blown out completely. So “cleaning” is taken care of itself.

Protection against dry running

Our Aqua Spa® wellness bathtubs are equipped with a dry running system to prevent the air system running without water.

Remote control

Keeping it simple! Our Aqua Spa® wellness bathtubs are easy to serve. All features are operable with one control. By its intuitive menu all options are easy to identify. To make it perfect the modern design of the remote control ts well to the pure appearance of our Aqua Spa® bathtubs. Surrender to the unique bathing experience of Aqua Spa®!

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